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Diamond Grid

Surface Stabilization and Erosion System

Diamond Grid was originally designed for use on farms for solving problems with muddy areas on their properties, everything from muddy cattle yards to muddy driveways. The solution was easy, stabilize the ground and develop a drainage system, better still, design one product that does both!

35" x 22" x 1.6"

Our classic grid size (pictured below) is suitable for most rural and domestic applications. Great for smaller surface areas that require stabilization and reinforcement. Highly recommended for feed & water troughs, stable floors, muddy areas, day yards. pathways, drains, driveways, golf cart tracks, boat ramps and anywhere needing toughening up on your property or workplace.

Diamond Grid
Diamond Grid

Benefits of Diamond Grid

  • Reduce sub-grade thickness
  • Increase load bearing capacity of the road
  • Works as a bridging layer to spread load across the ground
  • Cut maintenance frequency up to 70%
  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 70%
  • Holds the road together for longer periods
  • Increase traffic load without increasing pavement thickness
  • Minimizes pavement failure due to semi-rigid load bearing capacity
  • Act as a bridging layer/differential settlement
  • Less vehicles and staff will be required as vehicles will be able to get from point to point in half the time
  • Increases the fuel economy of the vehicle as they can travel up to 50-75% faster on safe, level and solid roads
  • Reduces vehicle accidents as with Diamond Grid the roads are free of potholes, corrugation

Before Diamond Grid

The ground surface is battered with erosion, tire ruts and mud after long spells of rain. For all potential Diamond Grid applications, the ground is unstable and continued use just makes it worse.

Diamond Grid

After Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid maintains a permeable and cost effective surface to improve visibility on roads, create hard surfaces for any rural, civil construction and mining, and landscaping applications. Eliminates mud, erosion and run-offs.

Diamond Grid

Have a Project Coming Up?

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